Dr Haneyeh B Belyani

Counselling Psychologist,
CPsychol, PsychD, BSc,
BPS Accredited, HCPC registered.
Highly qualified and experienced, I offer a range of psychological therapies which I will tailor to meet your individual needs. I work with adults, children, families and groups including organisational groups.
Text or Call07580 552 195

Information regarding therapy for adults, children & families and information regarding reflective groups for a business or organisation can be seen below.

Psychological Therapies for Adults, Children & Families

I am trained to use a range of therapeutic approaches in my work, including Person-Centred Therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, EMDR and Mentalisation Based Therapy. My doctoral level knowledge of these therapies coupled with my on-going work with individuals and families has given me the experience and tools to integrate different theories and techniques to work in a way that best suits the varying needs of my clients.

I recognise that people come to therapy for lots of different reasons and want different things, and therefore I am flexible and collaborative in my practice. I understand that people face different issues and pressures and have different tolerances and resources, therefore I take a holistic approach in understanding the unique experiences and lives of my clients. I have experience of working with many issues, including mental health difficulties, relationship struggles, past and historic problems, social problems and other stresses.

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My Training & Experience

I have a doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology. This integrative training has equipped me with the knowledge to work with human distress.

In addition to my training, I have been working with people in distress for nearly a decade. As well as working privately, I have worked with people experiencing severe and enduring mental health difficulties in the NHS for many years. I have also worked in numerous charities including working psychologically with children and families.

Within these settings, I have worked with a range of clients from different backgrounds and with different difficulties and struggles including clients diagnosed with specific or dual mental health issues. I have worked with individuals across the lifespan and from different backgrounds and cultures.

I have and continue to work with individuals of all ages across the lifespan. I believe that my work with children and young people gives me a unique insight and understanding into how childhood experiences can shape and impact adulthood and later life, enhancing my work with adults and families.

My philosophy

I believe that the basis of any therapeutic work is a strong and safe relationship that enables the client to be open and honest in a non-judgmental and understanding environment. Whether you have had therapy before or not, taking the first step to start therapy can feel like a daunting one. You may feel unsure of what to expect or whether it will be right for you. It is important to find a therapist and a way of working that is right for you and therefore there is no obligation to commit to therapy until you are sure that it is the right ‘fit’ for you. I believe that the process of therapy should be transparent, flexible and collaborative to allow you to get what you need from the process.

I make a commitment to keep ethical practice and your needs at the heart of my work. As such I am committed to continual professional and personal development and aim to follow the highest standards of professional conduct.


I see clients in a newly refurbished and comfortable room based in peaceful and idyllic surroundings in Central London.
The address is:
The House on Snow Hill
1 Snow Hill Court

Map & Transport Links

This location is easily accessible by road and transport links. See below for a map and transport links.

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Transport Links:
Thameslink (1 minute walking distance)
St Paul’s Station (5 minutes walking distance)
Farringdon Station (6 minutes walking distance)
Barbican Station (8 minutes walking distance)
Blackfriars Station (9 minutes walking distance)

Presentations & Lectures

October 2012: Understanding Anxiety, International Anxiety Congress in Mashad (Iran)

October 2012: Psychological Approaches to Anxiety, International Anxiety Congress in Mashad (Iran)

July 2012: Understanding the processes between social workers and parents, BPS Annual DCoP Conference

June 2012: Mental health and disability talk, Iranian Disability Support Association

March 2012: Working systemically with families, University of East London

Organisational Reflective Groups

I have worked with many organisational groups, facilitating and promoting a more stable and cohesive staff team. My training and experience enables me to help teams create a safe and containing space where they can work through issues and difficulties, encouraging them to reflect on and name dynamics that are present but often unspoken creating conflict and tension.
  • Reflective groups can have many benefits, such as:
  • Provide staff working in challenging environments a reflective and supportive space to debrief and re-group.
  • Enable staff to work through issues and conflicts in a safe and containing space to promote better working relationships and atmosphere.
  • Enable new staff teams to establish themselves as a group with clear identity and focus.
  • Re-energise and refresh attitude and focus by allowing staff to discuss and process difficult working periods and stresses.
  • Help staff draw support from one another and move forward after difficult periods in work such as after redundancies or periods of high stress.
  • Reduce stress and conflict by emphasising the staff group as a team.
  • Promote good practice as staff can share ideas and work related strategies.
  • Contribute to a happier and more productive work force as staff feel valued and supported.

Contact Details & Additional Information

Please feel free to email, text or call me, if you have any questions left unanswered or if you wish to book an appointment.

Email: drbelyani.cpg@gmail.com
Tel: 07580 552 195


My fees are £90 for a 50 minute session with individuals.
Clients can pay for the session by cash or cheque at the end of each session.
Discounts are available in certain circumstances and for trainees.

Family rates depend on number of familiy members involved.
Organisational group rates depend on size, duration and frequency of the group.
Discounts are available for charities.


English is my first language however I am also fluent in Farsi (Persian).

Insurance Companies

I am registered with a number of insurance companies including:

Aviva Health
AXA PPP Healthcare

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