Benefits of Therapy

Therapy has many reported benefits, here are a few:
  • To gain a better understanding of yourself in relation to others and the world.
  • A space to reflect on your values and goals.
  • To gain insight and change repetitive patterns of behaviour that could be having a detrimental impact on your life. Consequently, this may help you develop an understanding of how you could improve your relationships.
  • A greater sense of assertiveness, self acceptance and personal growth.
  • A non-judgemental, warm and empathic therapeutic relationship where you can be heard, respected and validated.
  • A greater resilience when faced with worries, stresses and strains of life.
  • An understanding of the triggers and traps in life that could be causing you some distress and ways of coping with this.
  • To gain a greater sense of meaning.
  • Help with working through and accepting unpredictable life situations such as long-term health difficulties and life transitions.
  • Better able to make more informed choices.
  • Realising and working towards your full potential.
  • Understanding how past experiences may have shaped your present.
  • Further insights into why specific difficulties may have developed and ways to cope with them.
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